About Rob

  • Over 30 years’ experience in the bank world and financing 
  • Worked in both a “Big Bank” environment and the co-operative banking world (Credit Unions)
  • Lived and worked in Ontario and Quebec with lending experience across Canada and around the world
  • Negotiated and closed a $20 million merger in the private sector
  • Experienced in
    • Start up businesses;
    • Construction,
    • land development,
    • real estate,
    • manufacturing,
    • service,
    • professionals,
    • corporate lending,
    • trade finance,
    • agriculture,
    • Distressed situations,
    • Common law and civil code.

About Bankspeak

Bankspeak is an independent consulting firm that “speaks Bank”.  We assist all sizes and types of business to understand what their banker is saying and to help them get the best deal they need for their business.

Our founder, Rob Hall, is a seasoned financial professional, a former Bank executive with experience in the Credit Union system and the private sector.  With over 30 years of working with clients in all types of businesses, across Canada and literally around the worked, Rob has seen and done many things on the “banking world” and can help you understand what is going on with your Bank so that you can focus in what matters most, running your business.

Bankspeak works closely with their clients to understand their business and objectives and then proposes financing structures that allow them to meet their goals.

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“My job is to make your life easy. You have too many more important things to focus on while starting or growing your business. Dealing with your banker shouldn’t be one of them. I help structure your finances in such a way that it allows you to meet your goals. I translate what the banker is saying and you only have to tell me once. I can deal with multiple lenders so you don’t have to.”

Rob Hall