Every business needs to deal with a bank in order to do business today

We tailor a package, drawing from the multiple sources of financing and capital that are available in today’s competitive market,  best suited for your business, while keeping in your growth plans in mind.



Why pay for services that you don’t need or pay extra for services that you regularly use ?

Time is money. We can ensure that your financial reporting requirements are as minimal as necessary to ensure that you don’t have to provide your bank with information that is “nice to know” and not “need to know”.

Too much security being pledged can limit your ability to finance the growth of your business and can unnecessarily tie you to a lender with significant penalties if you need to change



Most business hit a bump at some point during their growth.

Using our knowledge of yours, and your bank’s, rights, while mixing with common sense, we can often negotiate refinancing arrangements, temporary reprieves or find another bank to allow you to continue to move your business forward.

About Us

Bankspeak is a consulting service that works closely with their clients to understand their business and objectives and then proposes financing structures that allow them to meet their goals.

We take the pressure away of trying to understand what your bank wants so you can run your business.

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